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Social Media & Media Management


Selecting the media mix and developing communication suitable to that media is one of the most important success factors in an election. Our research based creation of communication helps us develop the right narrative. An in-depth study of government policies, history of work done for the people, developments done, crisis management, etc. is taken into consideration while creating suitable communication. The speeches that we create also based on the thorough scientific research.

We not just study the extent of penetration of different media in various constituencies but also develop a right mix of the media that will help your communication to reach the targeted electorate. Our media management team is comprised of journalists who have knowledge of local, regional and national media. Thus, they create a campaign that is suitable to be shown through a proper media channel for the maximum desired impact. An excellent print and electronic media mix strategy results in best results.

Social media management is a very potential tool today as even the villages have smart phones in almost every household. Our social media team has creative people and google certified experts for digital media management. We employ both organic and paid ways for ensuring the maximum coverage. Through humorous trolls, static and moving animation videos, etc. we convey your stand and destroy your competition.