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Real Time Poll Management


When it is about 1 month before the election campaign officially starts, we aggressively do an activity called as Real time poll management. It involves the basic understanding of what is actually happening at the ground level whether it is for our client or the competitor’s candidate. We do the following for our clients so that the win is assured :

  • Appointing representatives for a constituency who will attend all promotional events and speeches of our client and the competitors. - Preparing a detailed report on each event and activity as per our guidelines.
  • Sending the report to the war room set up by us where our poll experts prepare the strategy based on the inputs received.
  • Food, expenses, etc. management for the workers of the party.
  • Ensuring a synchronized working between the party workers and educating them on party strategy and their role if needed.
  • Monitoring the social media of our candidate and the competitors. The impact is studied and corrective actions if needed are taken.
  • All representatives from our team work from the village level to the city level.