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Field surveys & Political Developmental


When campaigns and strategies are based on the correct information, the results are predictable. We employ a two pronged strategy to ensure that anything influencing the popularity or promotion of a candidate is not left to chance.

  • We conduct field surveys of the electorate through our trained team which employs various tools and collects desired information by moving door-to-door.
  • The survey questionnaire or procedure is tried and tested for results. All our representatives doing surveys carry electronic devices enabled with suitable software and questionnaires which record correct responses from the masses and leaders.
  • All statistical figures like top 10 factors for success, factors needing improvement, things leading to failure, etc. are given in the final report.

A. Political surveys:

These types of surveys are conducted to find out the current political standing of the candidate and the political standing of the competitor or rival candidates. The objective of these surveys is also to find out:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of every party and candidate in question
  • The opportunities that can be exploited for connecting with the masses
  • The threats that are likely to affect the prospects of our candidate.
  • Opportunities for affiliations with other parties.
  • Identifying support pockets in the electorate through mapping the political landscape.
  • Finding general outlook of the voters and their concerns.
  • Taking a feedback of political events and speeches from all parties.

B. Developmental surveys:

These types of surveys are conducted to explore the effects of developmental policies on the region in question and also to find out what kind of developmental efforts are needed for the prosperity of the constituency.

The infrastructure, raw materials available, location, financial environment, education scenario, income of the electorate, demographic profile, etc. is evaluated through conducting a survey. The present data available is also evaluated thoroughly.

This lays a strong foundation for launching developmental schemes that will appeal to the masses and business community. It also helps in pitching a campaign that can be used to attract investments from outside the region for generating employment in the region in question. Overall developmental opportunities are evaluated and current schemes are supported with necessary incentives to help the progress of the region.

C. Leadership surveys:

These surveys are conducted to achieve the following objectives for a party and candidates:

  • The current impression or influence that the party leadership has in the minds of the masses vis-à-vis the competition.
  • Percentage of electorate identifying as one with the leader.
  • How does the leader stand on social equations like caste, etc.
  • How does the leader fare on his impression amongst the electorate and should he continue or not to lead the constituency.
  • To introspect, retrospect and conclude on a leader’s or party’s future.