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Content and Communications Strategy


A good communication strategy and to the point creative communication done effectively is one of the biggest success factors for a political party. To arrive at the best communication, we do an in-depth research of the existing political equation, social equation, government policies, welfare schemes, development scenario, demographic mix, etc.

We then prepare the communication that is easy to understand, catchy, with good slogans, dialogues, humor, etc.

We ensure that our communication is designed in a way that will appeal to a villager and to a business tycoon. Different communication is created for different strata of the society. The choice of media is also depending upon the economic segmentation, education, demography of the voter, age, sex, etc. Example: A door-to-door communication or communicating through arranging village meetings and local events is most effective in reaching the people where there is absence of smart phones and other media.

Our content experts prepare a communication strategy that takes care of people living in the villages and the people living in cities. A detailed media plan prepared, including the social media. A door-to-door communication strategy is also devised along with preparing speeches, etc. We ensure the use of right choice of words, phrases to be used in both political speeches, campaign rallies as well as in online blogs, web pages, digital and social media posts. Humor is also used for creating the impact.