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Constituency - Centric Political Strategies


Voters today are well informed about parties, candidates and policies. Thus, our responsibility of doing a thorough research and strategic political management becomes even more important for the success in elections. Regional parties being close to the heart of the people, local strategies is a different ball game as compared to a nation-wide election strategy. All the political dynamics have to be accounted for before freezing an approach towards the regional electorate or framing a regional election manifesto. An excellent example can be the defeat of BJP in Delhi polls, despite a strong image of Prime Minister Modi of the BJP.

A year before a constituency goes for an election, we meet the leaders and do an individual profiling. Through our political, developmental and leadership surveys, we ensure that our clients win the elections in their constituency. The political survey gives an insight into the political scenario prevailing in the constituency and the strengths and weaknesses of candidates. The developmental survey analyzes the status of development from villages to cities and addresses to the gaps in expectation and actual development that has taken place. The leadership survey profiles the leaders based on their caste, credibility, etc. A team of 2 to 3 people works dedicatedly for one political candidate to create success.