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Booth Level Management


We all know that a booth is the polling center designated in a constituency.

We have a team of 25 people working on one single booth for promoting our candidate to the public.

These 25 people cater to approximately 1000 people who come under one voting booth. This team of 25 people are chosen carefully to represent every religion, caste, community and comprises of both male and female candidates. They are trained and motivated to go for a win for the designated candidate. We brief them about the achievement of the party and the candidate, success stories, etc. so that they can effectively communicate with the voters whom they visit door to door and convince them to vote in favour of our client. 3 days before the actual voting day, again certain activities are undertaken to make sure that the desired impact is achieved.

Monitoring : We communicate with this team of 25 by creating their ‘whatsapp group’. We send them new communication daily and get feedback through whatsapp. The continuous improvement is thus assured in campaigning.